At MJT we are devoted to making the trader's experience a more profitable one. We believe there are many reasons for you to choose MJT over the competitors.

Customer Service - we are traders who understand technology.  Many customer service requests are trading related matters which need trading experts to handle.  In many third party vendors, there are technology support personnel but there is really no trading support.

MJT cares about the needs of traders.  We are an owner operated business.

Cost - our price point is the most competitive and offers the most value.

Ease of use - The learning curve is very steep and quick. The MJT quoting system is very easy to learn, and has an extremely intuitive user interface which allows for the trader to get his operation up and running quicker than other systems. 

Validated System - MJT has been in production for over 9 years and has been tried and proven within the options industry.

Network and connectivity options - MJT has network infrastructure setup options for customers that are tailored to their needs and provides ability to be competitive with the larger firms.  MJT has also ensured that we have the closest available connectivity to the incoming data feeds.

Unique Functionality (specialization capability) - If the MJT system does not have the specific functionality desired, we will build it for the customer. 

Ability to uniquely configure system for user's needs - things such as different styles of decay to use for computer theoretical pricing provide the user the ability to price options exactly as desired.

Various models to choose from - We have included different mathematical models within the system for the user to choose from for theoretical pricing of options.

Hard to borrow logic - MJT has proprietary logic to easily handle the "hard to borrow" scenarios.

Advanced Volitility Graphics- enable you to always run the most accurate theo prices.

Color coded alterts to changes in Vols, Intrest rates and Skews.

Trade Sensors always survey the market for profit opportunities.

Trade on Options Exchanges that reward you for active quoting with rebates incentives.

Ability to MM quote to more than one Exchange from the same server and front end.