Additional Information


MJT is able to create specialized plug ins for traders.  Listed below are some of the unique pieces we have built. 

FTP transmission of volatilities from user's proprietary system or local CPU into MJT quoting engine(s).

Various Models to choose from: 

MJT model  

Black Scholes  

Curve Fitting logic: 


Skew Kurtosis program 

Time Management to expiration: 

Calendar Days Business Days Partial Business or Partial Calendar Days Multiple Server

Hardware Configuration(s) 

One user can drive quotes into 3 exchanges simultaneously from one front end. 

 Unique Interest Rate treatment for handling hard to borrow scenarios.

Set negative interest rate for underlying and simultaneously run other interest rate(s) for options.

Multiple data feed sources, which further separates us from the competition. 

currently we are able to accept ACTIV financial and NYSE Technologies (Superfeed) data streams.

Complex order legging system

Complex Quotes

Interfacing with other clearing firms and third party applications.

Simple Quotes - cheaper rates and does the same as orders.

Market Taking system

Live "Spreadwatchers"

User can create and simultaneously track as many multi-legged strategies as the user wants.