MJT Software

About MJT

MJT has been an active options market participant since 1976.  MJT Software evolved from MJT Securities (A Market Making Firm), as the options industry began to multiply list and electronically evolve, the exchanges rules started to require individual MM's to provide thier own streaming quotes in the early 2000's

MJT supports options Market Makers and other traders  with trading tools to quote and maintain options traders needs and obligations.

The MM's use the MJT Quote Engine to accomplish this.

Since MJT QE was designed by traders for traders, it easy to understand and use. Therefore, the user is more confident using the application and can leverage the value of the system with minimal assistance. It is logical to traders and does not require a technical background to accomplish the quality market representation which traders desire.

MJT was concieved on the physical trading floors in NY, Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia.  As the floors became more automated and compitition from non-floor based excahnges proliferated the need to be electroncally represented on all exchanges became necessary.  MJT has the ability to allow a MM or trader to stream quotes or orders to all of the current options exchanges from a single application and front end.

This is not an easy business, MJT Software has been around a long time and seen many changes, because we support many traders on an everyday basis, we are constantly updating our code for new markets and functionality to compete and make money.

MJT wants your business and the opportunity to provide you with any of the tools required to trade equities and options.