MJT Quoting Engine - Market Maker

Additional Information

MJT Software Development is a technology company specializing in Equity Options and Futures Trading Platforms for Professional Traders and Market Makers.

Our Mission Statement(s)

minimizing costs

maximizing trading opportunities

ease of use


Regulatory compliance, especially with 15c3

About us

The MJT Quote Engine allows individual traders to dynamically price and continuously quote equity options at multiple options exchanges with one front end.

Most of the best traders are not good with managing technology. Since MJT QE was designed by traders for traders, it easy to understand, learn, and use. Therefore, the user is more confident using the application and can leverage the value of the system with minimal assistance. It is logical to traders and does not require a technical background to accomplish the quality market representation which traders desire.

market making, options, index options, trading, hedging, volatility management, risk management, SABR, Skew Kurtosis, order entry, DMA, colocation, cloud computing.