Networking and Colo

As was true in the days of paper trading in the pits, the location of the "trader" is very key in determining the quality of trades. In the electronic quoting environment, MJT has realized the importance of strategically housing equipment so that the trader has a competitive edge. Specifically, it is very important to co locate equipment as closely as possible to the incoming data source.  MJT has co located servers in ultra low latency data centers to ensure speed of delivery of data with the lowest amount of latency possible.  

MJT has also made co locating equipment for the trader, a relatively inexpensive part of the setup and recurring costs.  Since big firms have technology budgets which allow them to secure expensive co location spots, the individual and small trading firms have not really been able to compete with the big firms.  MJT solves this problem for the small to mid-size traders.

Currently, MJT provides a choice between three different co location facilities to house your equipment.

755 Secacus Rd. Secacus, NJ (NY4)

Depending on the exchange you will have different co location needs.

Figure 1 - Simplistic MJT Network Map

Figure 2 - Illustration of setup for larger trading operation


Larger Sized firms require a different configuration typically from the smaller trader.  MJT has the ability to configure the system setup for larger firms wanting to access multiple exchanges with one system.  This type of setup usually involves more hardware (and potentially more middleware) but allows the firm to reach as many exchanges as desired with ability to grow their operation as needed.