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Volitility Chart AAPL Aug 16 2019


The Vol Chart Screen is how many MJT users manage thier volitility updates which can be done manually or dynamically from prestored curves or curves extrapolated from data point in the current markets. The cenerof the curve can then be auto floated with changes in stock prices and Implied at the money volatilities.

Position Greeks Overview


Position information is sumerized and totaled for a quick overview by the trader. This summary includes realtime, profit & loss, delta, gamma, vega theta and rho risk numbers.  The traders can also wath realtime haircut and extreme risk numbers for additional compliance with set risk boundries.

Position detailed view.


The Position Greeks detail screen lets you drill down to a much more isolated view of each individual names risk by expiration terms. It also lets the trader view his position for post expiration for risk. Traders can see profit & loss graphs for significant changes in stock price or volatility.